Are you struggling to lead your staff?

You learned how to study the Bible and prepare a sermon in seminary, but did you learn how to lead your staff? Don't let your church suffer because your staff is misaligned. Don't waste valuable time and energy on repeated hiring processes because of high turnover.  Download your free PDF to take the first step in boosting your leadership IQ.

Things could be better!

Imagine the impact your church could have if your staff was aligned around a powerful vision. Imagine how your team would feel after staff meetings that were a valuable opportunity for collaboration instead of a waste of time.

What does boosting your leadership IQ look like for you? Fewer fires to extinguish, a healthier staff culture, more confidence going into tough conversations, and ultimately, greater Kingdom impact for your church.

How it Works

1. Download your free PDF with 5 practical steps you can take today to boost your leadership IQ.


2. Check out our Resources to get even more research-backed leadership principles that will unite and propel your team forward.


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It's time to boost your leadership IQ

At Beyond Seminary, we know you are the kind of pastor who wants to be a competent, confident leader. To help you achieve that, we provide personalized coaching and resources that help you apply world-class leadership principles to boost your leadership IQ.

The problem is, you didn't get these lessons in seminary, which makes you feel uncertain, frustrated, and overwhelmed. We believe pastors should possess fundamental leadership skills because your staff and your church deserve it. We understand you don't know where to start and you feel like you don't have time to master anything new. That's why we offer concrete, field-tested practices that have the power to transform organizations.

Here's how it works:
Step 1: Download your free PDF and check out our additional resources to get started.
Step 2: Schedule your free 30-minute trial session to get one-on-one coaching and personalized guidance.
Step 3: Put these practices to work and gain an immediate boost in your confidence and start seeing real results!

So contact us today to schedule your first session so you can stop wasting time with methods that don't work and start seeing healthier teams and a healthier church.

Kickstart your Leadership

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